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Op deze site zal ik je een inkijk geven over wie ik ben, wat ik doe en wat mij beweegt. Creatief, pragmatisch, Technology-minded, Eager, Generalist met diepgang, Optimistische kijk, Ambitieus.

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[stag_intro]Muren in Deuren veranderen…[/stag_intro]


[stag_intro]Definition: The act of flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing stream; constant succession; change.[/stag_intro]

there are regular spaces separating the consecutive   entities. So keep in mind that this “technique” can not be relied on.

There are some times when it is “acceptable” or “advisable” to use the   entity so long as the consequences are understood:

Its intended use of creating a space between words or elements that should not be broken. The only problems that can be associated with this use is that too many words strung together with non-breaking spaces may require some graphical browsers to show horizontal scrollbars or cause them to display the text overlapping table borders.

If you need to have an empty table cell, it is often advised that you add a non-breaking space like  . This is because some versions of Netscape seem to have problems with completely empty table cells.

Indentation. It is generally discouraged to use a non-breaking space, or a series of non-breaking spaces to “force” an indentation. This practice is discouraged for two primary reasons. First, not all browsers handle the   entity properly and may in fact ignore it when rendering the document. Second, the practice of trying to “force” a specific presentation is often frowned upon as it tends to fail and/or makes it more difficult for some readers whose browsers may be configured differently from your own.

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